Fix Your Depression & Anxiety

Samesh Ramjattan

Fix Your Depression & Anxiety – a non-medicated way out of depression

Samesh Ramjattan’s novella “Fix Your Depression & Anxiety” takes a different approach to showing depressed people the way to a happy and successful life.

Fix Your Depression & Anxiety

Having depression and anxiety is like being isolated in a very dark place that few people can understand or identify with. People who are diagnosed with clinical depression are usually prescribed rather powerful pills to keep the “problem” under control. Unfortunately, these pills often leave sufferers feeling detached, unable to live a normal productive life and not caring about much at all. It’s no longer depression, but something else entirely – a situation nobody should have to deal with. “Fix Your Depression & Anxiety” shows that depression can also be dealt with in a different manner. Samesh Ramjattan explains how the overstimulated ego is the cause of this mental illness and how people can heal by using safe, simple and practical techniques such as balancing the ego, meditation, eating correctly and learning to love themselves.

Once readers dive into this intriguing combination of novella and self-help book “Fix Your Depression & Anxiety” by Samesh Ramjattan, they will find it hard to put down. It’s a book that can change people’s lives for the better without coming across as preachy. The author manages to get his ideas across without talking down to his readers. He gives sage advise that can make a real difference for people suffering from depression who feel like medicated treatments don’t help them recover.