“Book of the Month” November 2019

“Care At The Core

Sherri Spelic

Care At The Core - "Book of the Month" November 2019Care At The Core – Conversational Essays on Identity, Education and Power

Sherri Spelic presents a true cross-section of her online writing in book form – tredition’s “Book of the Month” UK November 2019.

The new book “Care At The Core” by Sherri Spelic presents essays which explore the intersections and overlap of identity, education and power. The author draws on her own observations from a vibrant life of learning through reading, writing, listening and dialoging. She wants her readers to rethink the world we are building for ourselves and our children in schools, in our communities, in our societies. Each essay is thought provoking and touches topics that play an important role in every person’s life at one stage or the other. Readers are encouraged to take a good look at their own life and how the theme of her essays fits into it even though it sometimes might not be obvious right away.

The interesting book “Care At The Core” by Sherri Spelic is divided into sections which serve as very broad topic umbrellas: Identifying, Writing, Sharing, Observing Education and Everything Else with a couple of interludes in between. The author explains that the posts in each section appear, more or less chronologically, but that there is no requirement to read them in the order in which they appear. Readers should simply read what feels attractive to them at any given time. This book can be called an all-you-can-read buffet from which readers can take as much as they want, whenever they feel like being inspired.
Sherri Spelic grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, studied in Providence, RI and migrated to Vienna, Austria which has become her home after 30 years. As a physical educator, leadership coach, blogger and publisher she dedicates increasing amounts of time to observing and making sense of movement — in bodies, in relationships, in texts and in the atmosphere. Her personal blog edifiedlistener includes reflections on teaching, coaching and the world in general. 2016 marked the launch of her online publication “Identity, Education and Power” which features writings from various authors offering insights on the intersections of those three themes.
An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy

“Book of the Month” October 2019

“An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy

Andrew Gilbrook

"Book of the Month" October 2019 - An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy

An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy – How to start, be smart and end your career in MI6

A real spy, Andrew Gilbrook, shares his exciting life story in his autobiography “An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy” – a story based on real events is tredition’s “Book of the Month” UK October 2019!

Most people only know spies from books, movies and TV series. But how close to reality are these fictional spies? Andrew Gilbrook’s autobiography “An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy” will reveal the answer as it tells the story of a real spy who used to be in service for Her Majesty’s Government.
Only a small number of people is considered smart enough to be selected and trained as a spy. Andrew Gilbrook was chosen at the age of 16 – the only person to pass the selection without an education through the university system. In his fascinating book, Gilbrook describes his unbelievable life from his childhood until the end of his career. The job as a spy caused him to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, after facing interrogation, torture and being put in front of a firing squad in war-torn Angola.

The decision to write “An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy” was made by Andrew Gilbrook in 2012, when he was informed his ex-MI6 secretary had died from cancer. The author himself was close to breaking down mentally and realized that opening up about his secret life to his friends and family was the only way to save his own sanity. His autobiography is carefully written to avoid revealing any government secrets. This is his personal story: thrilling, surprising and an eye-opener into the life of a real spy.

“Book of the Month” September 2019

“The Adventures of Pepi & Bob

Anthony T. Morse

The Adventures of Pepi & Bob – a Charming Children’s Adventure Story

In Anthony T. Morse’s “The Adventures of Pepi & Bob”children follow a charming poodle on an adventurous mission.

Pepi is a lovable, cute poodle who lives with his owners, Lady T-at-5 and Lord T-at-5. Pepi would rather be like his master, who travels all over the world, than play dress-up with his master’s wife. One day, Pepi gets the chance to make his dream come true! During his exciting adventure, the little poodle discovers a whole new world of sausages and talking statues. But he also discovers a message in a bottle that starts a special adventure which would end with Pepi making a new friend: Bob!

The children’s story “The Adventures of Pepi & Bob” by Anthony T. Morse takes a few amazing turns. Children will enjoy following the charming potagonist on its way, and cheer him on when he comes across a variety of child-friendly, but exciting challenges. The book is suitable for children who have just started their own adventure called “reading”, but it can also be enjoyed together with an adult reading the story aloud. While Pepi’s story is fun and exciting, it is not too exciting to keep kids from sleeping, so it can also be read as a delightful bedtime story.

“Book of the Month” August 2019

One Day in December”

David Lewis, Len Friskney

One Day in December – Wilfred Owen, The Bombardment and Scarborough in the First World War

In “One Day in December” D.B. Lewis and Len Friskney describe the effects of First World War on a North Yorkshire seaside resort.

When people remember, they can learn and understand. According to the authors of this new book on a remarkable generation, understanding the past is the key to also understanding the present and looking to the future. The book introduces readers to the life of Wilfred Owen and what he and countless other combatants saw, felt and suffered during World War I. The authors link together various aspects of the First World War as they affected a North Yorkshire seaside resort. “One Day in December” covers ‘The Bombardment of Scarborough’ in December 1914, the war poetry of Wilfred Owen written during his time in the town, and the effects of the war on the local community. David Lewis’ and Len Friskney’s book also contains chapters on the production of a community theatre based on these topics. It is suitable for use by schools and youth groups as it combines learning about history with learning how to put on a theatre play.

The book “One Day in December” by Scarborough based author David Lewis  and Len Friskney, a local Wilfred Owen historian, is a fascinating look at this era of Scarborough’s history and a strong testimony for the cause of international concord. The book commemorates the message that Wilfred Owen was trying to impart to us through the poetry that had its origins in his time spent in Scarborough in 1917 and 1918. The authors hope that their book will inspire and entertain everyone who is looking for ideas, stimulation or a confirmation of their own feelings about the destructive nature of any war or any conflict, big or small. 


“Book of the Month” July 2019


Gianna Schorno & Shezad Armaan


JANOO – A breathtaking love through countries and time

In their romantic and exciting novel “JANOO” Gianna Schorno and Shehzad Armaan tell a captivating story about a love between a Pakistani man and a Swiss woman – our “Book of the Month” US July 2019!

The story in Gianna Schorno’s and Shehzad Armaan’s novel is based on a true love story that spans many years and countries. It all begins in the year 1980, when readers first meet a 7 year old Pakistani boy named Shehryar, who is excited about the arrival of his new baby sister and dreaming of a future where he can write poems. The readers are also introduced to 10 year old Betty, who lives in Switzerland. She is feeling lonely and also dreams of a bright, exciting future. 20 years later, the paths of Betty and Shehryar cross for the first time. They fall in love immediately, and Betty leaves her current partner for Shehryar. Together, the couple from such different backgrounds travel to Switzerland, then to Asia, to eventually get married in Pakistan. However, their perfect romance ends when a terrorist attack takes place in the northern part of the country. Betty gets kidnapped and is taken to a remote place where she is held captive. When she can finally escape, she is unable to find Shehryar, who has disappeared without a trace.

Shehryar and Betty end up living in different countries. Only in 2012, fate wants them to meet again – while both are married to someone else. Due to changing circumstances their special love blossoms once more, but at what cost? The authors take their readers on an unforgettable journey through fascinating countries, where the protagonists experiences great adventures, but also a great love. Readers will enjoy a captivating love story that is unlike others. Gianna Schorno and Shehzad Armaan invite people to dream, to hope, and to forget their everyday worries for a few hours.

With the 8th Rifle Brigade from Normandy to the Baltic

“Book of the Month” June 2019

With the 8th Rifle Brigade from Normandy to the Baltic

Don Gillate

With the 8th Rifle Brigade from Normandy to the BalticWith the 8th Rifle Brigade from Normandy to the Baltic – Memories of the famous 11th Armoured Division

Don Gillate takes the readers of “With the 8th Rifle Brigade from Normandy to the Baltic” back to June 1944 until May 1945.

June 13th, 1944 was an important date in the life of Don Gillate, who now opens up about his experiences as a member of the 13 ‘Scout’ Platoon, 8th Rifle Brigade, part of the famous 11th Armoured Division. From that date on, until 8 May 1945, he saw almost continuous action. Don was one out of only three in his platoon of over 40 men to remain with the platoon right to the end without getting killed or seriously injured. He took part in major operations in Normandy (Epsom, Goodwood and Bluecoat) and in the liberation of Amiens and Antwerp, the watch on the river Maas, the Battle of the Bulge and in the final advance through Germany.

In his book “With the 8th Rifle Brigade from Normandy to the Baltic”, Don Gillate tells readers how it all happened. In the early 1990s, he recorded his experiences with vivid and personal descriptions of events including bearing witness to the loss of some 30 of his friends and comrades. In this book Don Gillate’s story is illustrated by well over 100 photos and contemporary maps. Both the text and many of the photos used have not been published before and allow the readers interesting insights into a devastating part of 20th Century history.

A Helping Paw

“Book of the Month” May 2019

A Helping Paw

Allan Gilmour

A Helping PawA Helping Paw – Modern day life observed through the eyes of two cats and an Englishman

Follow Allan Gilmour’s two heroic cats on their quest to encourage human beings to have a good and honest look at their own life.

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston are protagonists of a very special kind. They are cats. After all, the Egypts used to worship these creatures with their quite own, dignified behaviour. And the cats have not forgotten. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston, however, are rather nice cats and not very aloof. They are often puzzled by the human race and people’s actions. They are both unable of knowing everything about the human world, but through intense observations, Mr Midnight and Sir Winston thought it would be wise to lend a helping paw to try and put a modern individual back on track. The two charming cats thus attempt to open the eyes of the modern individual to the important things in life; namely, to not take oneself too seriously and to truly enjoy what life has to offer.

The message of “A Helping Paw” by Allan Gilmour is quite clear: Our modern, hectic lifestyles have helped create dissatisfaction, illness and disassociation with our true selves. By following the two heroic cats on their quest to help humans return to their true selves, the readers are encouraged to have a good and honest look at their own life and their own attitudes towards the world. They are inspired to ask themselves what they truly care about and whether they pay enough attention to it. It is a truly inspiring story that will move people to make a change, but at the same time it’s also simply an entertaining animal story with more than one charming anecdote that cat lovers will recognize.

Double Vision

“Book of the Month” April 2019


Andrée Roby

Double VisionDouble vision – A creative crime drama with an unusual twist

The death of a male escort can only be solved with the help of a psychic in Andree Roby’s “DOUBLE VISION”.

Vince earns his money as a male escort until he is found dead in a South London hotel room, his last job apparently having gone sour. All fingers point to Vince’s last client as the main suspect, but she is nowhere to be found; nobody even knows who she is or where to start looking. With the investigation grinding to a halt, the police must turn to a psychic for help. Can the clairyoyant find the murderer? What other secrets will Vince’s death reveal?

The fast paced and creative crime drama “DOUBLE VISION” by Andrée Roby tells an unusual storyline that appeals to both fans of murder stories and of psychic detectives. The plot is full of unexpected twists – a perfect escape for a couple of hours. Readers will find it hard to put the novel down until they have all the answers.

Great Aunts and Armadillos

“Book of the Month” March 2019

“Great Aunts and Armadillos”


Great Aunts and ArmadillosGreat Aunts and Armadillos – Inspirational book offers a glimpse into dementia

B. LEWIS tells a story of “Great Aunts and Armadillos” in which all looking after a dementia sufferer learn that there is always hope.

With an ageing population, dementia becomes an increasingly common problem. More and more people seek advice on how to deal with this illness. “Great Aunts and Armadillos” is neither a self-help book nor a medical advice book, but the story of a family who looked after a much loved relative suffering from dementia. Author D. B. LEWIS tells the story of his eight year long experience. The book recounts the journey of a former ‘old-school’ nursing sister: from the time she was first observed to be acting ‘a little oddly’ to the time of her slow but dignified death in a North Yorkshire residential home. Readers not only get to know the family and their personal history, but also gain valuable insights into what it means to look after someone with dementia.

The book “Great Aunts and Armadillos” by D. B. LEWIS is a book of hope and inspiration for everyone careing for someone suffering from dementia. Rather than being a story of tragedy and despair, it is a family history interspersed with many glimpses of hope and humour and numerous practical tips on how to accomodate someone with this debilitating condition. The author himself is the nephew of the story’s main character. He wrote this moving and insightful book as a testimonial to a fascinating and eccentric individual and as a way of acknowledging all caregivers who so tirelessly devote their working lives to looking after other people’s loved ones.

Beyond Biomechanics - Biotensegrity

“Book of the Month” February 2019

“Beyond Biomechanics – Biotensegrity”

Maren Diehl

Beyond Biomechanics - BiotensegrityBeyond Biomechanics – Biotensegrity – Non-fiction book about horse training and fascia in horses

In her new book, “Beyond Biomechanics – Biotensegrity”, Maren Diehl describes biotensegrity as a new explanatory model for living bodies and especially horse kinetics.

Biotensegrity is an interesting, but also very complex topic. Fortunately, this new book explains its role in relation to horses and their movement in an accessible and easily understood manner. The author expertly connects biotensegrity with the latest knowledge on myofascial tracks in the horse, the encouraging results of brain research and the “sphere of possibilities” as a practice field. The book is filled to the brim with an incredible amount of in-depth information and advice. As difficult as the topic might initially appear: anyone who takes pleasure in contemplation or would like to reawaken their enthusiasm for learning and researching in the real, creative sense is well served with this book.

In her interesting and helpful book “Beyond Biomechanics – Biotensegrity”, Maren Diehl describes biotensegrity as a new explanatory model for living bodies and especially horse kinetics, as the alternative paradigm to biomechanics. The author hopes that her book will be seen as an invitation to merrily join motoric learning, tensegrity thinking and feeling, problem-solving processes and personal development. Anyone with an interest in horse training and horse health will find this book full of insights and useful up-to-date information that can make a real difference.