Dick the Devil's Bairns

“Book of the Month” November 2018

“Dick the Devil’s Bairns”

Jon Tait

Dick the Devil's BairnsDick the Devil’s Bairns – Historic true crime at its rawest and finest

Jon Tait gives readers of “Dick the Devil’s Bairns” an insight into life at the Anglo-Scottish border when it used to be a warzone for centuries.

For almost 300 years, life at the Anglo-Scottish border was anything but pleasant. Scottish and English didn’t think much of each other, and fights between the two nations were more common than not. The whole area was basically a war zone which created a lawless society known as the Border Reivers. In 1597, the English and Scottish authorities took a huge step towards brokering some sort of peace in the area. They signed a treaty at Carlisle. In this treaty, 54 men, representing the wildest reiver clans, were demanded as ‘pledges,’ or hostages to keep the clans and families from continuing with their violent crimes. The original plan was to lock them up, and hope this would keep the peace. But did it?

The historic crime novel “Dick the Devil’s Bairns” by Jon Tait tells the story of these men. They were the worst of the worst. The book follows the fate of those selected by the respective nations as doing the most damage by raiding, while examining the historic criminal activities carried out by those families, and others, in earning their outlaw reputation and status. The story also explores the criminal gangs’ roles within the context of the wider Reiver society and the part played by their ‘Godfathers’ in creating the first Mafia-style organisations – and their eventual downfall. Dick the Devil’s Bairns is historic true crime at its rawest and is written by a sports journalist who hails from the Coquet Valley.

Finding The Fourth Beatle

“Book of the Month” October 2018

“Finding The Fourth Beatle”

David Bedford & Garry Popper

Finding The Fourth Beatle – The story of those who could have joined The Beatles, but didn’t

Finding The Fourth Beatle

David Bedford’s fascinating non-fiction book “Finding The Fourth Beatle” tells an unfamiliar chapter of the Beatles’ story.

Everybody knows The Beatles and its main members, the Fab Four. But most people are unaware that from 1956 to 1970 the band had 23 different drummers including Colin Hanton, Pete Best, Jimmie Nicol, and others whose names readers will likely be unfamiliar with. This new book tells the story of the men who could have joined The Beatles, but didn’t. Readers learn about The Beatles’ crises, changes of musical direction, getting a record deal, and finding the drummer who would put the beat in The Beatles: Ringo Starr, the Fourth Beatle.

“Finding The Fourth Beatle” by David Bedford and Garry Popper is packed with fascinating detail. The author provides expert analyses of the drummers by other drummers. He explains why Brian Epstein didn’t sign the Beatles’ first contract, why The Beatles failed the Decca audition and reveals whether The Beatles were under contract at Parlophone in June 62. Other questions answered in this non-fiction book include: Who was asked to replace Pete Best before Ringo? Why didn’t Brian Epstein sack Pete Best? And: Why did Ringo become the Fourth Beatle and inspire generations of drummers? A must-read for any Beatles fan!

“Book of the Month” September UK 2018

“Fix Your Depression & Anxiety“ Samesh Ramjattan Fix Your Depression & Anxiety – a non-medicated way out of depression Samesh Ramjattan’s novella “Fix Your Depression & Anxiety” takes a different approach to showing depressed people the way to a happy and successful […]

The Adventurer's Palate

“Book of the Month” UK August 2018

“The Adventurer’s Palate”

Kayla Utahna

The Adventurer’s Palate – Delightful recipes from eight different countries

The Adventurer's Palate

Kayla Utahna not only shares tasty recipes in “The Adventurer’s Palate” but also details their story and cultural significance.

True food lovers consider ignoring the exciting cuisines of other countries a crime against your palate. If you only stick to what you know from home, then you just might miss out on the best meals of your life. The new book by Kayla Utahna showcases recipes from eight different countries, all of which have been passed down through families and cultures. She not only tells her readers how to put the meals together, she also shares the stories of each meal: how they came together, and how they are significant to the families and their particular cultures.

When you open “The Adventurer’s Palate” by Kayla Utahna, you are greeted by colorful pages full of fascinating stories and easy to follow recipes that will make your mouth water. Some of the recipes to be discovered include avocado egg rolls from California, Irish Scones, the traditional English roast dinner, French quiches, Arabian Bird’s Nest Pastry, Japanese Okonomiyaki and many more. Unlike other cookbooks written in either metric or imperial units, the author thoughtfully and provides both units of measurement, saving readers the hassle of converting them themselves.


“Book of the Month” July 2018


Michael Uche Igboanugo 


Michael Uche Igboanugo shares his near death experience in “BEYOND THE BORDERS OF LIFE AND DEATH”.

90% of all victims who experience a brain aneurysm either die or are permanently paralyzed. Michael himself was dead for several minutes before doctors could attempt reanimation. At that point, he had already been in a coma for five weeks. While the doctors were getting ready to reanimate Michael, his heart and other organs miraculously started working again – all by themselves. Now, Michael opens up about his fascinating near death experiences during his coma.

In the autobiographical book “BEYOND THE BORDERS OF LIFE AND DEATH” by Michael Uche Igboanugo, readers are invited to join the author while he re-lives the out of body experience he had during his coma. His spirit visited heaven and many other places. His story will prompt readers to think more deeply about the true meaning of life. This book is a touching testimony of an event that changed his life forever and has the potential to improve the lives of many readers.

The punk with a Northern soul

“Book of the Month” June 2018

The Punk With A Northern Soul

Keiron Higgins

The Punk With A Northern Soul – The second collection of poetry by an unusual poet

The punk with a Northern soulKeiron Higgins invites readers of “The Punk With A Northern Soul” on an unusual poetic journey.

Poetry doesn’t always have to be Shakespeare or Wordsworth. While most people associate poetry with old classics and modern rhymes that often make no sense at all, there is a lot more variety in poetry than you might know. Keiron Higgins’ new collection is vivid  proof of that. The author calls himself a punk poet and takes his poems to a variety of events. While his words truly come to life when you see him in person, they do not lose their charm and message when written down and read.

The book is another diverse trip that shows how Keiron processes the world with a comedic edge, but this time, he also touches on more serious subjects such as family, love, and life. Each poem is introduced by a short explanation on how and why the poem was written. This gives readers an interesting insight into how the mind of a modern poet works.

Change with passion

“Book of the Month” UK May 2018

“Change with passion

Ervin Pfeifer and Suzana Leben

Change with passion – the dos and don’ts of change management

Change with passion

Ervin Pfeifer and Suzana Leben help readers of “Change with passion”  become successful at project & change management.

Good project and change management are instrumental to a business’ success. However, change management can be challenging. For example, managers often rely on consultants who collect a tidy fee while they still  let the business do most of the work. It makes more sense to train your employees or yourself to effectively deal with projects and change management.

“Change with passion” by  Ervin Pfeifer and Suzana Leben will help you with that endeavor. Chapter by chapter, you will learn how to become a leader your employees will eagerly follow. Change management is tough to master and requires dedicated study, however, by applying the tools and tips provided by this accessible book, readers will quickly become competent in scoring their own change and motivating the teams they lead.

"Legends over Generation"

“Book of the Month” UK April 2018

“Legends over Generations”

Ashraf Haggag

Legends over Generations – inspirational insights into the lives of legendary people

"Legends over Generation"

Image: Cover “Legends over Generation”- tredition’s “Book of the Month” UK April 2018

Ashraf Haggag introduces the readers of “Legends over Generations” to men and women who have shaped the world we live in.

Without the minds of inspirational people, there would never have been any ground-breaking developments in science, politics, literature and arts. Without these genius minds humans would still live in caves, know nothing about movies, and could call themselves lucky if they knew how to use fire to cook their food.

“Legends over generations” presents some of the most important figures from various fields. They each had one thing in common: The zeal, passion, dedication, hard work and efforts they put into their work helped them discover something about the world we live in – and their discoveries changed the world for good. Some of the people introduced in “Legends over Generations” are Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Che Guevera, Mao Tse-Tung, Winston Churchill, Ava Gardner, Charles Dickens and Marlon Brando – to just name a few.

The book commemorates these great personalities and shows readers how they helped us foster a better understanding of the world and define our existence. Their influence on modern day culture is completely unrivalled. In addition, the author also provides answers to the question of what all of these legends have in common and which key traits a person needs to become a legend.

Going It Alone

“Book of the Month” March 2018

“Going It Alone”


Going It AloneGoing It Alone – Analysis of the history of Catholic schools in Scotland

WILLIAM JOSEPH MCKECHIN takes a look at an old school system in “Going It Alone”.

Catholic schools have been around in Scotland since the mid-19th century and have not lost much of their appeal by the late 20th century. Even now, you can find Catholic schools in Scotland. The system has seen some changes over time though. This year, in 2018, Scotland will celebrate the centenary of the 1918 Education Act. The act was responsible for the move which saw Catholic schools transfer from Diocesan control to state governance. Not all welcomed the impact this very important partnership between church and state had in the past. Some church members did not want to lose control. In this book, readers will find a detailed overview over the history of Catholic schools in Scotland, and which path they might take in the future. The book raises many questions as to the value of denominational school education which remain highly relevant to current debate on education.

The centenary of the 1918 Education Act makes “Going It Alone” by WILLIAM JOSEPH MCKECHIN a very relevant book for 2018. The attention of the public will be on issues surrounding education and many questions will be asked. This new book comes just in time to provide interested readers with possible answers to those questions. What the future will bring, nobody can really predict; considering issues like Brexit and a possible new Scottish independence vote, which both will have an effect on the education system and how it is managed in the long run. But the history will not change and of that, readers can learn a lot from this informative non-fiction book.

The Dark Night of the Soul

“Book of the Month” February 2018

“The Dark Night of the Soul”

Aldivan Teixeira Torres

The Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul – Philosophical, spiritual adventure novel

A troubled soul seeks answers on a mountain in ALDIVAN TEIXEIRA TORRES’ “The Dark Night of the Soul”.

The highly anticipated sequel to the thoughtful novel “The Seer” is now available to readers. The first book follows the protagonist’s search for answers on a mountain after a personal crisis. In the sequel, his days at sea are filled with dangers, pirates, and once again with questions about life and the human soul.

In “The Dark Night of the Soul” by ALDIVAN TEIXEIRA TORRES, readers follow the protagonist while he reflects on life and questions the choices he has made. The novel ponders whether it is possible for a criminal to recover, and whether he can come to terms with his crimes. Even if the rest of the world forgave him, would he be able to forgive himself or would he constantly suffer for of his past deeds? Would happiness remain no more than an illusion? This exciting novel combines philosophy, spirituality and adventures and will keep you turning page after page.