“Book of the Month” August 2017

“Tails of Shepherds”

Ken Robson

Tails of ShepherdsTails of Shepherds – A story about the joy of living with dogs

Ken Robson shows readers of “Tails of Shepherds”  the true character of German Shepherd dogs.

German Shepherd dogs are one of the most popular larger dog breeds, but most people know little about these dogs. Ken Robson and his wife once also had only a vague idea of the breed’s character, but for over six years they shared their home with ten German Shepherd rescues. The couple’s learning curve was steep as their pack changing their lives entirely. This book tells the story of their discoveries, commitment, their joy and their sadness as they found themselves captivated by the character of the majestic, noble, intelligent and often totally daft German Shepherd Dog.

“Tails of Shepherds” by Ken Robson is a story about a very special kind of love: the bond between humans and their very special animals. While this is not a guide on how to care for German Shepherds, the readers will learn many interesting and helpful facts that could come in handy for people who either own a Shepherd themselves or are thinking about buying or adopting one from a shelter. The readers will be better prepared for the huge impact a Shepherd will have on their life. All animal lovers will appreciate this story for showing the deep connection forged between people and their animals.

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