“Book of the Month” December 2017

An Abundance of Sundays”

Bruce Thomas Donaldson

An Abundance of Sundays –  A novel about a special relationship

An Abundance of Sundays

A grandfather and his grandson meet every Sunday, for almost a century, in Bruce Thomas Donaldson’s passionate novel “An Abundance of Sundays”.

From the time his grandson was seven years old, they meet every single Sunday. This rare relationship lasts for almost a century with plenty of stories to tell. Both characters develop over time: as the grandson grows from child to teenager to young man and  finally into a mature adult, the grandfather ages to senior citizen to a man close to death, concerned with finding the best place and day for a funeral. A childhood in Edinburgh, a dwarf’s journey from a shoemaker’s shop in Port of Leith to the city of Paris in the roaring 1920’s, the love of music and books, and a passion for football are just some of the topics that bind the two men together.

The novel “An Abundance of Sundays” by Bruce Thomas Donaldson is a story about life and the circus. Often life is the circus. Readers instantly feel connected to the protagonists; as if related to them themselves. The moving relationship grips readers from the first page and never lets go as the two men mature and time moves on. Dealing with familiar and familial themes important to everybody’s life, the novel also gives an insight into life in a different century.

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