Successfully marketing your book – II: Introduce your book to the press

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Image: Introducing your book to the press is the first step to your book success.

Part II: Press Relations – Introduce your book to the press

Of course, the press talking about your book would be the ideal case – but it usually is the exception for authors. Even titles from big publishers hardly ever manage to stand out from the large number of new releases. tredition writes a professional press release for every single book. The PR is sent to over 200 news and press portals. In addition to that, it is recommended that each self-publishing author becomes active in a focussed and targeted way. You need to inform press and media about the release of your book – even when you do not have any contacts to the press to begin with.

  • Good preparation for press relations is essential: Depending on a book’s genre, topic, and target audience, there are different media outlets that are suitable for a review. National daily papers and printed magazines usually get so many review requests that you only have a small chance of getting their attention.
  • Make your moves in a targeted manner: You need to research special-interest-media for which the topic of your book might be particularly interesting. Do you write about philosophy, as an example? Then you might want to address magazines, internet portals, and blogs that deal with philosophical questions.
  • Professional cover letter / email: Create a cover email or letter with an impactful author image, a short description of your book as well as a short CV. Offer them to be available for interviews on request. Make sure your letter is short and to the point. Offer only essential information about yourself as an author and your book.
  • Create an email distribution list with magazines, blogs, etc. that might be interesting for your book. Then you can send your cover email to all of them at the same time.
  • Review samples: Specifically ask papers and magazines whether they would be interested in reviewing your book. We will be able to help you with sending your review copies of your book.
  • Local flavour: You will usually have a better chance with local or regional papers in your home region. They will be more interested in reviewing your book or introducing you as a local author, esp. if you have lived in the area since your birth r for a very long time. In addition, it will also help if your book has regional influences.
  • Become creative: The inboxes of editors are already overflowing. So you need to think of innovative ways to get some attention for your book. If your book, for example, has a lot of humour, then you might want to open your email with a joke or a cartoon. If you have created any kind of multimedia content for your book, like videos, you should also put them to use.
  • Use social networks: Search for media contacts on the networks you use (Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn, etc.). Look for contacts that might be interested in your book and then contact them.
  • Think before you act: Don’t send a follow-up email immediately after sending out your initial message. It will usually not go down very well and won’t give you better chances of being reviewed.

In part III of our series, we will talk about the vast field of social-media-marketing and how you can use it to win more readers for your book. Keep your eyes open!

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