Strong Distribution

All books published by tredition appear on both the English speaking and International market, due to our excellent connections within the book trade. All our books are listed with predominant book wholesalers and are generally available immediately from stock. Books have to be available via wholesalers at all times so book retailer can order them with no hassle and in their preferred way. This service is guaranteed for each book. All our titles are directly available on Amazon (not only the Marketplace) and 97% are in stock.

Check the availability of our printed titles e.g. here:

…and many more!

In only a few days and sometimes within 24 hours, your book will be available in book stores!

Exclusive to tredition: Your Book as a Digital Preview in the Edelweiss+ Catalogue

edelweiss - digital preview

Picture: Edelweiss – digital preview

tredition is the first self-publishing service provider to list and display all books in the Edelweiss digital catalogue with no additional cost to the author.

In the last 8 years, Edelweiss+ has established itself as one of the leading digital preview platforms for all leading US and UK publishers. Find out more on how your book will benefit from this unique presentation, as well as how the presence of digital preview can improve your sales.

Our Distribution Channels

In order to reach as many readers as possible, tredition will ensure that all books are

easy to discover

easy to order for readers and retailers

available in all stores.

We therefore list all books in the relevant directories which all book retailers, libraries, and reviewers can access easily in their search.

Wholesalers USA / UK

Titles by tredition are available at all leading book wholesalers in the English speaking markets as well as International. These are Ingram, Baker & Taylor and Gardners for the USA and UK. Book stores can order any book self published with tredition from these wholesalers.

Book Retailers USA

As soon as we publish your book, it will be available in all book stores, whether it be a small independent company or large company with multiple stores.

Book Retailers UK


We list all published books in a growing number of book communities and relevant directories in which book retailers, libraries, and reviewers can easily access in their search. These include Newbooks (for specialist books) or goodreads for general books.

eBook Distribution

Successful publishing of an eBook requires availability for all e-readers as well as an accurate eBook file and global accessibility. We offer distribution through a constant growing number of renowned eBook portals, following which you will find a selection of the most significant platforms and stores that we deliver to. These partners supply to further eBook portals ensuring our eBooks are available at several hundred portals.

International Distribution

Each title by tredition is distributed within the English speaking market as well as more than 60 countries internationally. In order to make your book available to most sales channels, we are continuously acquiring new sales partners. Read more about international distribution.

Far reaching Availability signifies increased Visibility for your Book

The more widely available a book title is and the more publishing formats a book has on the book market, the higher both the visibility and chances are of being discovered by potential readers. If a title for example, is only available from one online books store or is only published as an eBook, buyers who only buy in stores or only buy from a different online seller will never discover this title. Visibility is the most crucial success factor for new books. Authors have the biggest success when a title is widespread, available and visible. At tredition, we market to a wide network, offering the best possible dissemination of your book.