International Distribution

Does it make sense for me to distribute my book on the international market?

Every book published with tredition is distributed on the international market. The English speaking countries count for about 330 million people. However, there are approximately 1.5 billion people worldwide that speak English. Therefore, authors reach this audience if their book is available internationally in printed and digital format. That is what we do for each book published with us. We ensure that your book is available in more than 60 countries as Paperback, Hardcover and as eBook. This way we reach the largest readership possible for your book.

Your Book is available all over the World

Following you can find an extract of dealers who distribute our books on the international market. The list is by far not complete but shows how extensive our distribution is. We constantly expand our paths of distribution in order to ensure the availability of each title. Yet the extensive distribution that we offer already is perfectly shown through this list.

International Distributions Special Features

Printing standards in all those countries have their differences. We ensure that our books meet these standards in each country. There are no additional charges for this. We cover all costs incurring during adaption of standards within the distributing countries. We do this because we sell a lot more copies of your book if we are present in as many countries as possible. Your royalty will continuously be paid in your local currency (e.g. US-Dollar or British Pound) and will not vary in its amount.