ISBN – Order Number for the Book Store

The ISBN (International standard book number) serves the purpose of identifying the book. For the book store and libraries, identification via the ISBN is essential. Without it, important facts regarding a book, such as the price, publisher and type, would be difficult to detect.  At tredition, each published book whether it be a Paperback, Hardcover or eBook receives an ISBN for free.

Read more how to show your ISBN in the imprint of your book: Example imprint

The ISBN does not automatically put your Book on the Market!

Please be aware that an ISBN does not guarantee sales in book stores. It is essential that your book is made broadly available and distributed via all wholesalers and tredition offers you the most extensive distribution for your book!

How do I get my ISBN?

Under normal circumstances, you would have to approach the domestic ISBN agency in your country in order to apply for an ISBN. As we appear as your publisher, you benefit from the ISBN being obtained via tredition and we take care of this for you. You will receive the ISBN instantly within the second step of publication on “Title information”. It is not obligatory to display the ISBN within the imprint, yet you may enter the number. Please quote all ISBN numbers of your book, for the Paperback, Hardcover and eBook.