ISBN – Your Book’s Retail Order Number

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is specific to your book and identifies it for potential buyers. For book stores and libraries, identification via the ISBN is essential. Worldwide, wholesalers, retailers and even readers use the ISBN to order books. Without it, important information such as the recommended price, publisher and type of book would be very difficult to research.  At tredition, every published title is assigned an ISBN each for the paperback, hardcover and e-book editions  – for free.

Having an ISBN does not automatically put your book on the market!

Please be aware that an ISBN alone does not automatially guarantee sales in book stores. It is essential that your book is made broadly available and distributed via all wholesalers. tredition offers you the most extensive distribution network for your book!

How do I get my ISBN?

When self-publishing, you would generally have to apply for an ISBN at your country’s domestic ISBN agency. However, as tredition formally acts as your publisher, we take care of this for you. Our ISBNs are automatically assigned to your book as early as the second step of publication  (“Title information”). It is not obligatory to include the ISBNs in the imprint, but it is a widespread practice to do so. If you wish to incorporate the ISBNs of your book, please list them for all book types you are publishing: paperback, hardcover and/or e-book. Read more on how to include your ISBN in the imprint of your book here: Example imprint