You will receive your Own Author’s Page and Book Page

Make use of the chance to present both yourself and your book perfectly to your readers. Within your user account, you can manage all your marketing contents. You can create your very own author’s profile and enter additional information about your book. This will give potential readers, book traders and journalists a comprehensive image of you as an author and of your book. We will also list this information on the book market, provided our partners can process them.

Example of an Author’s Page

Beispiel Autorenseite

Example of a Book Page

Beispiel Buchseite

Managing and creating your Own Marketing Content

In “My Account“, choose option “Marketing”. Here you can upload news, press releases, events and videos to publish on your author and book page.

List these marketing contents


Press releases



Create a significant author’s profile

Present both yourself and your book as interestingly and as positive as you possibly can. This will ensure that your potential readers and other interested parties will receive a positive image of you and your book. Regardless of whether you have published your book under your real name or a pseudonym, we recommend you provide comprehensive information about yourself.

Give contact information

Readers, retailers or journalists often like to contact you directly. You can therefore integrate the following links:

  • E-mail address
  • Homepage
  • Facebook-profile
  • Twitter-profile

Contact the author

Comprehensive biography, including external works

We show all work published by tredition on our author’s page. However, you have the opportunity to list your other publications from other publishers. We would therefore like to offer you the opportunity to show a complete overview of your work to your readers, book dealers and journalists.

Bild: Bibliographie von tredition

Image: Bibliography by tredition