A Helping Paw

“Book of the Month” May 2019

A Helping Paw

Allan Gilmour

A Helping PawA Helping Paw – Modern day life observed through the eyes of two cats and an Englishman

Follow Allan Gilmour’s two heroic cats on their quest to encourage human beings to have a good and honest look at their own life.

Mr Midnight and Sir Winston are protagonists of a very special kind. They are cats. After all, the Egypts used to worship these creatures with their quite own, dignified behaviour. And the cats have not forgotten. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston, however, are rather nice cats and not very aloof. They are often puzzled by the human race and people’s actions. They are both unable of knowing everything about the human world, but through intense observations, Mr Midnight and Sir Winston thought it would be wise to lend a helping paw to try and put a modern individual back on track. The two charming cats thus attempt to open the eyes of the modern individual to the important things in life; namely, to not take oneself too seriously and to truly enjoy what life has to offer.

The message of “A Helping Paw” by Allan Gilmour is quite clear: Our modern, hectic lifestyles have helped create dissatisfaction, illness and disassociation with our true selves. By following the two heroic cats on their quest to help humans return to their true selves, the readers are encouraged to have a good and honest look at their own life and their own attitudes towards the world. They are inspired to ask themselves what they truly care about and whether they pay enough attention to it. It is a truly inspiring story that will move people to make a change, but at the same time it’s also simply an entertaining animal story with more than one charming anecdote that cat lovers will recognize.